jorVee is Freedom:  Dressed up or dressed down, jorVee drapes your body beautifully.  Layered to hide bits "n" pieces or tied "n" twisted to enhance your best features, jorVee is always comfortable to wear.

jorVee is Fun:  Simple, playful, creative, attractive, versatile clothing that can be worn upside down, wrapped to front, wrapped to back, tied, draped, buttoned, belted, layered and so on . . . . . . the possibilities are endless.

jorVee is Femininity:  Our sensual soft fabric is "skinsational" !!!  You'll love how you feel wearing jorVee  . . . happy, wiggly, confident, inspiring, sexy and a more beautiful You. And there is no need to iron jorVee, and no pilling!

jorVee is offered in many complimentary colours in high quality rayon/lycra fabric: 
• Wood pulp fibre (rayon) *   Soft and sensual to wear
• Breaths naturally           *   Pill / fade / wrinkle resistant
• Drapes beautifully         *   Washes easily
Our clothes are extraordinarily versatile and tactile, made from a special rayon-lycra blend – they feel great! They are light, flowing and naturally elegant, made by a dedicated team of seamstresses, expert in this unique material. They are easily packed “space savers”, great for travelling, everyday wear, yoga, maternity, exercise, etc. They don't need to be ironed, and cover a range of colours – from natural to vibrant. Whether you want to blend and go natural, or whip up a colour storm, jorVee is bound to please.
We design and produce an extensive range of tops, pants, skirts, dresses, sashes and jorVee One Size shapes. Our One Size shapes are unique and form the essence of jorVee's ability to give you a style of clothes in the style you want - that you feel beautiful in, is comfortable, and sexy to wear. The shapes can, literally, be worn upside down, wrap-to-front, wrap-to-back, tied, draped, swirled, belted and so on. And, when your mood changes you can change how you're wearing your clothes, and, in an instant you'll be wearing a completely different outfit. Whatever the occasion, jorVee puts the power of personal creation in your hands. What more could a girl want…
We look forward to sharing jorVee with you. Enjoy!!
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