Bon le Bijou jewellery

Bon Le Bijou, art expressed in sculptured silver.

Designed by Jacquie Glover, originally from Holland, and

her husband Nigel, from Sydney. Their design studio

is located on Bali, the island of the gods.

Here they create jewellery designs that really are

“like no other”. Bold, innovative, cutting edge, quirky.

No followers of fashion trends, Jacquie and Nigel aim to create

pieces that are as individual as you. Using 925 Stirling silver,

copper, gold plating on 925 silver, or adorned with simple stones such as pearl and

onyx, the designers fashion from these materials, jewellery that gives the wearer a way

to express themselves, to say I am different, this is ME.


Jacquie and Nigel also control the production process from sourcing

of quality materials, smithing by their team of experienced

silver smiths, application of varied finishes, including treatment

of most pieces by a final dipping process to add lustre and longevity,

and always with quality held as important as design.

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